Жіноча вишиванка присвячена Сковороді Bayka
Women's embroidered shirt dedicated to Skovoroda Bayka


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Жіноча вишиванка присвячена Сковороді Bayka

Women's embroidered shirt dedicated to Skovoroda BaykaWomen's embroidered shirt dedicated to Skovoroda Bayka 3Women's embroidered shirt dedicated to Skovoroda Bayka 4
Women's embroidered shirt dedicated to Skovoroda Bayka
Vendor code: 236bc7ee-723c-11ed-ba98-00505600f47e

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Women's embroidered shirt dedicated to Skovoroda Bayka

To celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Ukrainian philosopher, the Etnodim brand developed an embroidered shirt with ornaments based on his work.<br> <br> An outstanding philosopher and traveler called the informal of the Baroque era and the first Ukrainian hippie.<br> <br> The figure of Skovoroda is unique. He spent more than 20 years on pilgrimages, professed personal spiritual freedom, and had many conflicts with representatives of the authorities and leaders at the time.<br> His works were not printed during his lifetime, and the texts were distributed by hand copying. He was a vegetarian, told people about other cities and countries, about the word of God, and gave practical advice for life. And he also evaluated his students rather non-standardly: "very stupid", "real nonsense", "quite sharp", etc.<br> <br> The Etnodim brand offered the artist Lilia Petrova to create ornaments based on the research of literary critic Leonid Ushkalov.<br> The artist was inspired by several images from the treatise "Silenus Alcibiadis" about the solitary and the bird, and this is one of Skovoroda's favorite parables.<br> <br> "Don't worry, my friend," said the bird, "that you can't catch me."<br> You will be chasing me forever, never to catch me, but only to be happy."<br> <br> "Bird" is the truth you are forever chasing without hope of ever catching.<br> There is also an image of silk knots-labyrinths on the embroidery, that is, knowledge of the nature of things. The beginning and the absolute are the main images on an embroidered shirt.<br> <br> "The ornament is a story about a bird that travels worldwide searching for grass and twigs for its nest. She is hardworking, travels, and knits a knot-nest.<br> Plants and knots come across her on the way." - says Lilia.<br> <br> In May 2022, the russians shelled and destroyed the Skovoroda Museum in the village of Skovorodynivka. "We will not forgive. There are many questions about the collection. Part of it was evacuated in advance. But the memorial building suffered irreparable losses," museum workers said.<br> Embroidery is a way to honor the memory of the philosopher and thank him for the cultural heritage and wisdom he left us.<br> <br> Fabric - linen<br> Execution technique - smooth (machine embroidery)<br> Threads - cotton<br> <br> Shirt with a free cut. It has long rolled-in sleeves with dropped shoulders.<br> On the sleeve's bottom is a cuff with a 1-button fastening. It has a detachable collar.<br> Central front fastening with buttons.<br> The sleeves and the front of the shirt are decorated with embroidery.<br> <br> Maria's size is S, and her height is 178 cm<br> The manner of the embroidered shirt is oversize<br> <br> If you are unsure about the size - contact our managers. We are always happy to help you ♡




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