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Must-have item: women's sweatshirt

In the new season, designers paid attention to the simplest, at first glance, wardrobe items. In this list, sports sweaters occupy an important place, namely - women's sweatshirts. The choice of trendsetters is easy to explain: today the trend is free style and a healthy lifestyle.

Sweatshirt - one of the varieties of hoodies. But the classic model has special features that distinguish it from hoodies, olympics, pullovers and jumpers:

  • lack of pockets, hoods and fasteners;
  • pronounced edging of the collar, cuffs and waistband (elastic or corrugated edging);
  • round neckline with no collar.
Stylists assure that it is not difficult to create a stylish ensemble with a women's sweatshirt. This basic wardrobe item, which will suit both very young fashion girls and modern young women, goes well with many things:

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What clothes to combine a sweatshirt for girls

Manufacturers represent the richest assortment - women's sweatshirts, differing in colors, decor and material.

Classic style: plain raglan sleeve sweater made of cotton knitwear in gray colors and decorated with a small triangular insert under the neck. But designers offer more interesting options. So, multi-colored sweatshirts for girls and models decorated with logos of famous companies are very common. You can choose a decor in the form of a print with national ornaments and other images related to Ukrainian traditions and culture (see drawings in the photo).

  • with classic-cut jeans, to which you can add high-heeled shoes;
  • with skinny skinny trousers and high heel boots;
  • with any shorts in combination with sandals, moccasins, ballet shoes, boats;
  • with skirts - short and long, fluffy and narrow - for sandals, shoes and ankle boots.  

Designers urge not to be afraid to put on a shirt under a sweatshirt, and on top, when it's cold, a vest or bomber jacket.


Due to the high quality of the fabric (cotton) and silk-screen printing, which is distinguished by expressiveness, color saturation and wear resistance, the products are durable and easy to care for. Wash the sweater at a temperature of 40 °C, and iron on the wrong side.

ETNODIM online store offers to buy women's sweatshirts made of natural fabrics. Original goods are sold wholesale and retail throughout Ukraine and abroad. You can pick up the order yourself - in the capital's store. Courier delivery service also works (in Kyiv). We offer customers from other regions of Ukraine and foreign consumers to use the services of transport companies.

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