ETNODIM art collection
	ETNODIM art collection Joint embroidered shirts from: Malevich, Exter, Zadorozhny, Saenko, Prikhodko, Gushul, Sobachko-Shostak, Korchinsky.
Embroidered shirts with ornaments of Ukrainian hero cities Smilyvist and Yednist
Вишитые сорочки с орнаментом украинских городов-героев Yednist та Smilyvist 20.06.2022 Ethnodim designers have created two embroidered shirts with different meanings, but with one main symbolism.
Embroidered shirt Etnodim "Kvity U"
Вишиванка Etnodim «Квіти України» 11.05.2022 Our designer Anna Fesenko dedicated the embroidered shirt to a modernist building in the capital
Intonacia project jointly with Bloxa brand
Проект Intonacia совместный с брендом Bloxa 21.02.2022 Look or Listen: A Photo Story