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На тлі картин сучасних митців

According to photographer Stepan Lisovskyi, this shooting contains not only an idea, but also an educational tone. The task that the filming team set before itself was the integration of embroidery into a space that is unusual for the eye. "This is not an old house, not the Carpathians, not a Ukrainian ritual, but modern art, by modern artists," says Stepan.

The author of the shooting wanted to visually emphasize its harmony in the plane of the present and the future.

The following artists were involved in the shooting:

Roman Mykhaylov is an artist from Kharkiv

The novel works with modernity, captures the present in its diversity, chaos, layering, broadcasts the spirit of the times. The artist illuminates acute problems (society) and critically interprets socio-political processes.

The presented works are quite different from what the artist usually works with. He performed them for a friend who returned from the front. Here Roman does not manifest a specific image. This series is about the light that never fades away, even in the darkest of times. Nature remains, the sun rises every day and awakens the earth, plants, and cities.

Anastasia Lelyuk, an artist from Luhansk, lives and works in Kyiv.

Series "When I look at the mountains, I see tericonos"

These works reflect how the perception of eastern Ukraine has changed.
"There are many things from my region that I miss. One of them is tericons. In my picture of world perception, they have acquired a symbolic meaning, like modern mounds of the steppes. These are not real mountains, but they are the first mountains I have seen. They cannot be conquered or appropriated. One can only observe, admire, as an anthropocentric phenomenon. But at the same time, it is also a consequence of human interaction with nature. Mysterious layers of the earth that have come to the surface. That's why when I look at the mountains, I see fields."

Anna Myronova was born and works in Kyiv.

Anna Mironova's works, despite their visual objectlessness, depict a specific plot. The artistic process is accompanied by constant photography of the space, which is later transferred to paper. Graphics are the main medium of the artist's practice, where abstract motifs refer us to the morning landscape, to the moment of silence in the fog, the space of memories and knowledge.
In the impressionistic technique, small strokes that merge into masses form an image. Works from the "Approach" series are minimalistic and meditative. The colored pencil drawings were created over the course of three years as a result of long-term work in the surroundings of a place not defined by geographical coordinates.