Independence Day: Etnodim and Serhii Zhadan

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Together with Serhii Zhadan, an outstanding Ukrainian writer and poet, we share with you his new poem written on the eve of Independence Day.
Independence Day: Etnodim and Serhii Zhadan The 31st anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine takes place in a struggle, with clenched fists and raised heads. We go back to the history of our grandfathers, and at the same time, we merge the history of the state in ourselves. We live its pain and its path to victory. We become thin as a poetic feeling and strong as a poetic word. This video project aims to open a joint fundraiser at the initiative of the writer, who plans to buy and send 100 cars to the Armed Forces.

Our goal is to collect 200 thousand hryvnias for one of them. Thanks to your purchases, we could complete half of this amount on our own.

UPD: In one day, Serhii and I collected 211,000 hryvnias, the amount needed to purchase one car for the military. Thanks to everyone who joined the collecting. Together we are approaching victory!