Embroidery Day in Ukraine

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A feast that causes the hearts of ukrainians a sense of unity.
Embroidery Day in Ukraine
May 16, 2019 all of Ukraine celebrates the Day of Embroidery - an important holiday in historical and ethnic terms. It causes a feeling of unity in the hearts of Ukrainians. And although this holiday is unofficial (in 2006, a student, Lesya Voronyuk, proposed to introduce it), it is indeed a significant event in the lives of people who love and respect their country.

Even the ukrainian diaspora around the world joins this holiday. On this day, people in all cities wear national clothes of ukrainians: in addition to being really beautiful, such an event introduces cultural and cultural heritage to ukrainians and foreigners.

Now embroidery is becoming an integral element of not only national events, weddings and graduations: embroidery elements include world designers in their collections, expanding the scope of knowledge about the acquisition of ukrainians. More and more people wear ethnic clothes in everyday life, so for them the day embroidery can occur every day. 

In order to understand more the attitude of people to the Day of embroidery, we interviewed several people.

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Oleg, 29 years old

I wear embroidery depending on my mood: it happens that the thought flashes in my head in the morning, and I do not deny it to myself. For me, embroidery doesn’t differ too much from ordinary shirts: yes, these are clothes that carry historical significance, but I don’t treat them as shrines - in the good sense of this phrase: I think that you can wear them without causes and holidays : wanted - dressed.

Maria, 20 years old

On national holidays, I always wear embroidery. Unfortunately, in my wardrobe, I still have only one, but I plan to buy more. Sometimes I dress her up for someone's birthday or when I am invited to a wedding. I still do not really understand how to combine ethnics with everyday clothes, but more and more often I see how others do it skillfully.

Mikhail, 36 years old

I fully support the idea of ​​this holiday: I like to see how the streets and offices of my city are filled with people in beautiful embroidered shirts. But I don’t have the embroidery myself: apparently, I haven’t found one yet. And sometimes, frankly, I forget about my plans to buy it.

Nastya, 24 years old

For me, embroidery is clothes that look good on others. For some reason I cannot imagine myself in it yet. I know about the existence of the holiday, but I never remember the date: it’s good that there is a social network, where it is immediately clear that this is the Day of Embroidery. It is really beautiful and really important to convey to others about the values ​​and traditions of our people. Therefore, I promise that this year I will not forget about the holiday.

As you can see, all the people surveyed support Embroidery Day, although they do it in different ways: someone every day, someone only on holidays, and some only morally.
But everything begins with small steps: when those who only admired those around them in embroidered shirts become people in these shirts. And not only during the holiday of the same name, but on any day of the week, because Embroidery Day is just an extra reason to remind of our culture and rich heritage, and this can be done every day.

Article author - Anna Lobanova