Collection Easy 2018

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The new collection is about a girl inspired by the sea, sunset. About minimalism, simplicity and peace. About ease not only in design, but also in the feeling of material on the body.
Collection Easy 2018

About what do you think when you hear the word "EASY"? About lightness of thoughts, a way of life and an attitude to it? And about clothes? Yes, and about the selection of clothes in the wardrobe, their harmony and the ability to combine things between themselves.

The new collection of ETNODIM clothing, named EASY 2018, became the embodiment of this.

linen embroidery
linen embroidery

Linen embroidery Ribbon White

She is about simplicity, minimalism and peace. There are no clear contrasts here. The collection is executed in a tone in tone: red in red, beige in beige, white in white. Hence the feeling of unity of fabric and embroidery, special sophistication and elegance. 

EASY 2018 is about a girl inspired by the sea, sunshine and how you can feel warm sand under your feet. It's about incredible lightness not only in design but also in the sensation of fabric on the body. That is why the key materials of clothing were flax, cotton and viscose. They are pleasant and comfortable to wear.

linen embroidery
cotton embroidery
Linen embroidery Ribbon Beige                                              Cotton embroidery Soft Cream

linen dress
linen dress

Linen dress Beige Swan

Floral ornaments give EASY 2018 a softness outfit, while rounded shapes, cuts and ribbons are feminine and fragile. There are no sharp angles here: all smooth and soft, similar to the sea waves at the beginning of summer.

Everything is very easy, everything is as good as yours. So, in clothing from the collection, you feel very comfortable and easy. Embroideries can be combined with things from the usual image. The naturalness and high quality of the products adds to the feeling that you have always worn this shirt.

green dress
cream overalls

Green dress Green Swan                                                         Cream Overalls Gravity
The collection is especially suitable for women who like the laconic form and details. EASY 2018 is summer, long walks, salt in the hair after the sea, white dry on the coast, reflection of the sun in glasses.

The whole collection on the site.

The author of the article is Ann Lobanova