Top 5 best ornaments from the ETNODIM contest

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As promised, we chose the 5 most interesting works from 300 who took part in the contest "For the best embroidery design" and took a mini-interview from the authors of the sketches.
Top 5 best ornaments from the ETNODIM contest

On May 10, we launched a contest for the best design of the ornament for the dress. For 2 weeks we received more than 300 sketches, among which there were a lot of interesting works. As promised, we share with you the best works.

The winner of the contest was Ivanka Borodina, who sent her work an hour before the end of the competition and changed the course of events. Her work we liked the most with its simplicity, harmony and content. Ivanka also received a prize in the amount of 10 thousand UAH and ETNODIM designers began to work on her sketch, in order to realize in a limited amount. 

Once again we thank all those who took part, showed interest and embodied their fantasies! There are many talented people in Ukraine. 

Among more than 300 sketches, we chose the 5 best and asked their authors to tell us about their vision of modern embroidery, what they were inspired to create the ornament, their opinion on the winner's work and answer the question "Should embroidery have any sacred significance, or is it can be a free flight of fantasy?

1. Ivanka Borodina, 32, Rivne. Education: Higher, architect. Profession: interior designer.

Блог: Элемент: Топ-5 лучших орнаментов от участников конкурса ETNODIM - Редактирование Фото 4

My sketch is called "Doll". There are several meanings here. But the deepest for me in returning the habitual of our culture is a female compliment "pretty as doll", a deep traditional meaning, after all the doll in Ukrainian symbolism has always been a protector and keeper of the genus. 

During my studies at the university, I was experiencing a period of fascination with Ukrainian ornamentalism as a kind of ethnic code. Our ornaments impress me with my variation - here is a very broad field for experiments without losing sacred content.
But from hundreds of ornaments I liked the geometric ornaments of the Kiev region more. They inspired me to create a job.


Ornament - dolls, tulips (Kiev region). 

Concept: Having separated from traditional Ukrainian embroidery ornaments the sacred symbols and elements - to create new, geometric compositions, scaling and combining them with each other. 

Before the dress - the chest is decorated with the element "The Guardian" - an ancient symbol of the guardian of the genus. 

Sleeves - are decorated with branches of a tree of life. The tree of life occupies a central place among other symbols of Ukrainian folk art, as it is an axial line, which is a cosmos with all its manifestations. 

The back of the dress - is decorated with a transformable floral symbol "tulip" symbolizing women's tenderness, innocence.

Блог: Элемент: Топ-5 лучших орнаментов от участников конкурса ETNODIM - Редактирование Фото 3

About the sacredness of the ornament.

If it's just about ukrainian embroidery, it seems to me that it's almost unrealistic to create an embroidery ornament without sacred meaning. The fact is that in Ukrainian culture, embroidery has always been a shield, and this was achieved first of all due to the ornament in which the characters encode the history and symbolism of the people. 

Therefore, it seems to me that even creating their own free embroidery ornament, each artist will subconsciously put a certain sacred code.

2. Galya Danylyuk, 30 years old, Kyiv. Artist, master of hand embroidery.

ескіз Галя 1
ескіз Галя 2

When I saw your post with the competition information, the first thing I thought: "This is my chance!" Having examined your assortment, I concluded that you have a calm, well-kept, laconic, somewhat graphic style. And I realized that in order to have a chance to win, I have to move in this direction. It made me a little upset and I even wanted to refuse to participate.

Just doing a job that will be "mine" from A to Z is happiness for me! When working with a customer, you always have to take into account stylistics and his wishes and do what he needs. But here I gave myself.

The participation in this competition really gave me something I did not even expect. Strength and faith in yourself. And this is more than a victory! That's why I sincerely wish to thank you again!

I called my sketch "Cosmos". 

I created the work of this art inspired by the art of the East (Central Asia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan). The embroidery ornament was based on the principle of own vision of the composition; I created only its individual elements based on the ornaments of the textile products of this region.

Why East? Because the embroidery should be ukrainian? (think you). I believe that the artist is a cosmopolitan and his art does not have borders or borders. For some reason, I was sure that creating work even with the eastern roots - I will find a response in the heart of our people, only for the simple reason that it is good. And what is the task of art? Give beauty and love!

I really love ukrainian art and embroidery in particular, but it so happened that for 4 years, a little exhausted inspiration in this topic. Therefore, began to study embroidery of other nationalities and cultures. Oriental art is especially important to me. I was struck by the fact that their shapes and color combinations have a rather free and courageous solution, which is very close to my spirit.

What do I think about the winner's job? 

The work is clearly the opposite of mine, restrained and concise. My first impression - "yes, it's your style"! Ivanka hit the top ten! Withstand all the items of your needs. The work is decent and professional! An interesting solution is the placement of individual elements of embroidery and accents. But the use of embroidery as a sacred tool for me personally was superfluous.

About the meaning of the ornament.

Ukrainian embroidery can be divided into kinds - traditional and artistic, as well as machine and manual. Traditional embroidery is the treasure that was passed on to the generations of our ancestors. There are many clear rules and interpretations of ornaments. As you know in every region, its unique and special embroidery.

Each girl created her own ornament, investing in her dreams and wishes for the future. It is in this embroidery that magical energy is automatically generated. The main rule for creating this energy is to make the embroidery manually!

And here's the answer to your question! Never make energy in the machine embroidery! Therefore, laying down sacredness in machine embroidery ornaments is a kind of "deception", rather a marketing course in our time. This is my personal opinion.

Artistic embroidery is an art! And here, as in any art, there are no restrictions and clear rules. You create a work of art, just a way of expressing it - it's threads and canvas. But semantic loading should be obligatory. People do not like the "empty" works. Valuable art that motivates us to feel. Think, analyze and most importantly see yourself in it!

Of course, in your work you can combine and mix all these categories, create your own - unique. Do not be afraid of mistakes! It all depends on you and on the inner desire and effort. We live in the 21st century, and I think it is necessary to create one's own history, necessarily respecting the traditions of our people and the land on which we live!

3. Khomchak Ivanna, 28 years old, Kyiv. By education "Artist of decorative arts". I work in the field of art embroidery and costume design.  

ескіз Іванка 1
ескіз Іванка 2

When I was working on a sketch, I was inspired by the samchikovsky painting (these were the plant patterns that painted huts in Ukraine) and the old embroidery of a Ukrainian towel. 

The purpose of creating a sketch was to move away from popular plastics, instead putting lines and shapes less susceptible, but more interesting. These lines and shapes I took and interpreted in my sketch. 
As for the sketch of the winner, I like it. I would call him a modern ethno.

Should the embroidery ornament have any sacred meaning today?

I would answer yes and no. In the present, we have already departed from the interpretation of the embroidery of the past. At the moment, we are synthesizing something new, creating an embroidery that is based on completely different content. 

For me, absolutely free flight of fantasy is impossible, since in the final result it will not be embroidered, but quite another contemporary thing, which has a completely right to life.

4. Postova Tetyana, 24 years old, Dnipro. By education - "Artist-Designer". Proffession artist-decorator.

Блог: Элемент: Топ-5 лучших орнаментов от участников конкурса ETNODIM - Редактирование Фото 3

To create the sketch "Spring breath" I was inspired by tulips, who were blossoming during the period of the competition. In the created ornament, I did not use existing sacred characters, I painted intuitively, as I feel. 

Black geometric elements are associated with the earth, its generosity and fertility, and smooth lines of colored elements - with tulip petals, filled with tenderness, lightness.

Concerning the work of the winner Ivanka, she has differences with my own taste, but undoubtedly is original, performed very qualitatively, meaningfully and perfectly combines the symbolism of the past with the modern trend towards a combination of simple forms.

Concerning the question of the sacredness of the ornament.

I believe that in the present it is not an obligatory component. The lack of sacred meaning allows anyone to fill their favorite embroidery with their individual content. 

More importantly, the product is decorated with an ornament, was the owner of the soul, caused positive emotions and helped to feel especially, exalted and inspired.

5. Elena Mertoglu, 34 years old, Istanbul (Turkey). Education: an interpreter. I am engaged in textile design and patterns. 

ескіз Олена 1
ескіз Олена 2

My sketch is called "Ivan Kupala". I admire ukrainian mythology and demonology.

I was inspired by this design by the fact that the particle of fern flowering, which blooms on the feast of Ivan Kupala, and which somehow fell into clothes or shoes, allowed a person to know everything in the world, what the animals talk with each other , birds, etc. 
Therefore, in my sketch there is directly the color of the fern, an eye, as a symbol of knowledge, and forest characters - birds and rabbits.   

About the sketch of the winner.

All work deserves respect, because for every work there is a certain idea and efforts of the person who created it. I think that in the sketch of the winner very well used symbols. Moreover, if this work has won - it means that the brand sees in it a certain potential that resonates with its own vision. 

About sacrament.

I think that some part of the main symbolism, which is unlikely to change in the near future, will remain, and people will recognize it in any performance, it will have a certain sacred meaning for them. Some symbols are hard to interpret without special knowledge (for example, for me it is a diamond with a point, as a symbol of the sown field).  

Times change, new concepts, technologies and materials, and so on. Therefore, as for me, it is quite possible to use both traditional symbolism, time-tested, and new technologies, which correspond more to the new time. A combination of traditional and new can bring a really interesting result. 

Many works really had all the chances to win. But under the terms of the competition, we had one winner. Ivanki Borodin's ornament is already in development. The dress with a embroidery of winner will be on sale in late June. For details, please contact ETNODIM managers.