Residents of the city

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A few slow steps through Kyiv
etnodim x lisvskiy

What influence does the city space have on a person and his life? What do we know about the history of favorite streets? By what principle do we choose institutions for regular visits? Do we often change the routes that lead us home?

The city is blamed for the noise. But the clamor of Kyiv is his main song. And if you listen to him, you will not hear the wheels of cars, but the voices of people from different parts of Ukraine, merging into one powerful chant of the capital.

People grow up here. Here they find their stories. Here they build a life. Here they put down their roots.

We walked through the everyday corners of the center to show how a person complements the city, and the city complements the person. Along with her identity, mood and ambitions.

Each of us has our own history of relations with Kyiv. It can start many times, but it never ends.

Not only historically significant and prominent streets carry meanings. Every nook and cranny keeps touch with human experiences.

Kyiv streets know more about us than we can imagine.

In the photos you can see the simplicity, architecture and colors of our city. So big, spacious, but welcoming.

Kyiv, always with love.